Free Advertising For Your Events

Dear Event Leader:

You can get tons of free advertising by listing your events on Like thousands of organizations around the world, you can reach a wider audience and significantly increase your exposure at no cost.

Even though you may be listing your events on your own site, you will reach many more people by also listing your events on lists all events for all organizations, so people can find everything in one place. People who visit looking for events for other organization will also see your events.

"Andy, I was at a Federation coffee house and the organizer asked, 'How many people found out about this event from our mailing?'. Some people raised their hand. He asked, 'How many from our phone calls?'. Hardly anyone raised their hands. He then asked, 'How many from that Internet site that lists events?'. More than half the people raised their hand. Keep up the good work." - Dr. Robert G.

Better still, you can keep your organization's whole calendar on You only need to enter events once and you can display them on either or both your organization's calendar and the public calendar. When you update events they are posted immediately so you do not need to wait for (or pay) your webmaster.

These services are free. There are enhanced features you can add for a fee.

Contact:Andrew Weitzen, Boca Raton, FL, US